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About us

The inventor of the LB Trap shotgun butt is Vicente Luis Lorente Ruiz, entrepreneur and shooter for more than 30 years, with a huge sports track record nationwide and worldwide. Meticulous and perfectionist, in his constant pursuit of the excellence in the shot level and the shotguns stability, from a very young age he has adjusted and balanced himself his shotguns to reach the highest accuracy in the shot.

His son, Christian, was born in 1998 and has followed in his father’s footsteps in Olympic shooting since he was 12, also with many important sport successes. The LB Trap shotgun butt has its origin in the need of adapting the conventional shotgun butts to the measures of Christian, because his constant growth required new adjustments that adapted them to his changing physiognomy.

The fact of adapting the shotguns to the constant physical changes of his son to reach better comfort and precision in the shoot made Vicente Luis to conceive an adjustable shotgun butt that obtained outstanding results from the beginning. Over the years, the shotgun butt has been improved till reaching the current result, an adjustable and universal shotgun butt, valid for all kind of shotguns and types of shooting, with which every user will get the necessary comfort and accuracy.


The LB Trap shotgun butt has been designed after lots of hours of effort and dedication, paying the highest attention to the details. This shotgun butt is the result of the evolution of 30 different prototypes that have lead into a final product of the highest quality. Its production has been commended to the best professionals in the metal sector. Made with aluminium 7075 to obtain the maximum lightness. The screws used are made with stainless steel specifically manufactured for this shotgun butt. Dense materials such as EVA foam are also used to counteract the recoil effects and eliminate the vibrations that might appear.

The ultimate goal of the LB Trap shotgun butt is to achieve the shooter happiness, reaching the perfect harmony between the shotgun and the user, so that the shooter only has to focus on enjoying his favourite sport. At the same time, it is also an aspiration of the LB Trap inventor to share his invention, especially with junior shooters, so that the youngest shooters may have the same opportunities that his son could have.